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Local Business Leaders

We love promoting health and wellness around our community! To us, health and wellness is more than a job; it is a way of life. In fact, we take it so seriously that we ask our team members to help us donate more than 100 hours a year in community awareness and outreach!

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Here are some ways we have found to get involved and to Partner with Local businesses

Pamper Days for Employees We come to your work place and inspire your employees with a 10-minute chair massage.  We also address other physical symptoms and how chiropractic may keep your employee at top performance in the workplace.

Breakfast or Lunch n LearnWe would be happy to have our doctor come to your work place to speak to your employees about protecting their body while they are working.  From standing all day to nutrition, we can encourage your staff to take a practical approach to health.  Even better, we’ll bring food!

Employee Giveaways - We want your employees in the best shape and we can provide wellness incentives for them. We can provide coupons or gift certificates for drawings and raffles for you to give to your employees. Make us a part of your Employee Appreciation Week.

Wellness ProgramsMore insurance companies are looking at chiropractic as a preventive care—they may offer incentives such as lower premiums to employees who participate in chiropractic programs. We would be happy to be a part of your Employee Wellness Program or ask about our Preferred Employer Program

Participate in Community Events and Health Fairs - Throughout the year we participate in various events. We often have available a massage therapist to pamper event goers. We also love participating in children's events and bringing our doctor to do scoliosis screenings! Scoliosis is often helped by chiropractic when other solutions are limited, but the best thing we can so is to catch it early!

If you have an upcoming event or you would like to schedule a business event, please contact us!